ALL TEAMS – ALL HANDS ON DECK! Our community needs YOU!

You see it on the news – a few shootings one weekend, five shootings another.  You talk about how terrible it is.  You may even pray about it in your church.  Now is the time to get out of the pew and DO something!  We may not be able to solve the whole problem, but we can each do our part to try to make our community a safer place to live and raise our children.
     There are multiple opportunities for you to plug in to an 11:45 activity this summer.  We encourage you – even if you can’t volunteer on a weekly basis – if you can make a commitment to volunteer even once during the summer, you can make a difference!  Please see all the opportunities below and contact us to plug in.
Reminder – to always keep abreast of 11:45 news and events, please visit our website at


Our PRAYER team will gather this Friday, June 19th, 7:00 pm at Emmanuel COGICU (4800 NE 30th).  Folks from all churches are invited to gather and pray for our city.  There will not be PRAYER gatherings in July and August due to the ALL-TEAM OUTREACH (see below).
To keep up to date on PRAYER team news, please contact team leader JD Boyd (503-830-5898  or


We’ll be hosting four community outreach activities in apartment complexes in East County this summer.  They’re simple – some simple food and children’s activities – but they are invaluable when it comes to establish relationship in our community.  No special skills are required – just come and help out, play with the kids, chat with the parents, and pray with those open to it.  We encourage members of ALL our teams to come out and participate. Please contact Marci Jackson (503-888-6244 or Marcie Spruill (503-781-0510 to sign up.
Set-up will be at 5 and outreach will last from 6-9 pm

  • Friday, July 24th     E Burnside & 162nd 
  • Friday, July 31st     E. Burnside & 158th  
  • Friday, August 7th   E. Burnside & 160th  
  • Friday, August 14th  SE 125th & Powell 

THERE Walking Teams:

Join our faithful volunteers, walking in the community, spreading the love of Christ with a smile, a sincere conversation or a prayer.  Just our presence can have a positive effect wherever we go.  Please contact the team leaders below for more information.
Note:  We have a unique opportunity to walk at a large apartment complex on SE 125th & Powell.  We’d love to get a solid group of MEN to walk and provide a positive presence in a troubled area.

Lloyd Center                                                                                                     

Team Leader:  Shei’Meka Owens

Saturdays, 4-5 pm


162nd & SE Stark                                                                        125th & SE Powell Blvd.

Team Leader:  Pastor Jerrell Waddell                                           Team Leader:  Marci Jackson

971-212-0739                                                                                       503-888-6244

Fridays, 6-7 pm                                                                                    Saturdays, 6-7 pm


Peninsula Park                                                                                          *Last Thursday on Alberta, 6/25,

Team Leader:  Tony Coleman                                                                           Team Leader:  Tony Coleman

503-706-4566                                                                                                       503-706-4566

Tuesdays and Thursdays* 5-6 pm                                                                    Last Thursday of the month, 5-6 pm

(with the exception of last Thursday*),



11:45 partners with community-led Enough is Enough to provide support for families dealing with loss due to violence in our community.  Activities include annual “Hope and Healing” events; providing voices for impacted families and counseling and support for grieving families.

   Day of Hope & Healing

As part of our partnership, 11:45 will be participating in Enough is Enough’s annual “Day of Hope and Healing” on Saturday, September 12th at Alberta Park.  11:45 will be hosting the children’s activities at the event and we’re looking for volunteers to help.  Please contact Joan Davis (360-281-3442,  Victoria Fleming (325-660-9539) or email to sign up.


One of the most important keys to reducing violence in our community is providing our youth with positive influences and folks who care about them.  We have the following opportunities available for you to provide a loving, positive presence and make a difference in the life of a young person.

Court Bench Probation Program

Contact Marcie Spruill,, 503-781-0510

11:45 partners with Multnomah County Judges, the District Attorney’s office and the Office of Youth Violence prevention to mentor young gang-affiliated men charged with misdemeanor crimes, as part of their probation conditions.    Mentors offer a positive male presence who can offer insight and wisdom concerning their struggles, providing advice, support and encouragement.  Mentoring starts with just one lunch, but can grow to long-lasting relationships as mutually agreeable.



Foster Grandparents

Contact:  Khela Singer,, 503-988-6717

Matching older adults (60+) with children in 17 elementary schools, nine Head Start programs and several other specialized children’s programs.  The Foster Grandparent Program taps the skills, talents and experience of older adults to make a significant impact in the academic, social and emotion lives of children in the community.  Foster Grandparent volunteers serve one-on-one as tutors and mentors to young people with special needs in schools, Head Start programs, after-school sites and other special programs for children.  Foster Grandparents review schoolwork, reinforce values, teach parenting skills to young parents and care for children with disabilities.  They volunteer from 15-40 hours a week, often maintaining an ongoing, intensive relationship with the children they serve for a year or longer.  Foster Grandparents address key needs, promoting school readiness in early childhood and K-12 success for older children including improved school attendance, improved reading and math skills and emotional and social well-being.  Currently full, but still accepting applications.



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