Our Mission is to mobilize hundreds of people from Portland area churches to volunteer for one year– once a week for forty-five minutes — to serve in strategic areas (There-Share-Care-Prayer) in order to aid in helping existing city and community efforts to stop gang violence and the aftermath on our streets.


We see hundreds of people from various churches in the Portland Area volunteering, being a sustained visible presence in our community.  They are a corroborative presence working alongside other groups, agencies, and individuals making Portland a safer and less violent place to live.


In 2011, Mayor Sam Adams called together faith leaders in the Portland area asking for help to curb the gang violence occurring in our community. Following that meeting, several pastors gathered together and put their hearts and minds together  to determine what the churches could do to impact the situation.  Out of that meeting came 11:45.  The team identified four areas where the church could have a positive impact. The determined areas of focus where There, Share, Care and Prayer.  Through serving in these four areas, we felt the church could tangibly show the love of Jesus Christ to our community and city. The goal at the time was to mobilize 100 people to volunteer once a week for forty-five minutes for one year.  The response from the city and the churches exceeded all our expectations. Now, 11:45 has over 400 registered volunteers.   By God’s grace and the fine work of many volunteers 11:45 is making a difference and will continue to impact our community.