11:45 Winter THERE team volunteer opportunities

As the new year begins, the need for faithful walkers is as urgent as ever.  You may not realize the impact a few minutes of your time can make on members of our community.  Just knowing someone cares can make a lasting difference in someone’s life.
We currently have the following volunteer opportunities for There team members.  We encourage you to start the new year out right and join one of the teams below.  Please contact the team leaders noted for more information and to plug in.
Lloyd Center
Team Leader:  Wanda Warren
Phone: 503-544-7721
Saturdays, 4-5 pm
Meet on the second floor between Marshalls and Sears.
Jefferson High School basketball games
Team Leader:  Tony Coleman
Phone:  503-706-4566
Schedule below – meet at 8:45 pm by the Jefferson gym, unless otherwise noted
January 10th
January 14th
January 24th
January 28th @ Benson – meet at 8:45 at Holladay Park
February 4th
February 14th
February 21st
February 25th
Albina & Killingsworth
After the recent shooting at Rosemary Anderson High School, some volunteers have asked if we are going to start up our 11:45 walking team in the Albina/Killingsworth area again.
  If you are interested in participating in a walking team at this location, please let me know your availability (days and times) and we’ll see if we can get a team together.
Again, we hope you will take this opportunity to renew your commitment to spreading the love of Jesus Christ in our community.

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